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Zbrush Head 02

Another Zbrush sculpt. This one was started from a dynamesh sphere. I’ve tried sculpting with dynamesh before but was never a fan of it as it tended to destroy your sculpted details when re-aplying. When you disable Blur however, it will keep the same shape during re-meshing and that makes a big difference. It really is only for low to medium detail sculpt as because of the unified mesh re-mesh method the polyflow is horrible and that gives smoothing and sculpting problems.

A good workflow is when you reach medium level to retopo your mesh and reproject the sculpt. I didn’t do that for this sculpt. These sculpts are for learning to concept in Zbrush from scratch and not make a final piece. It went a little bit better this time, I still miss Sculptris a lot but I also see the advantages of working only in Zbrush. One thing I noticed is that sculpts from Zbrush seem to have a more defined quality then the ones from Sculptris. I’m not sure, but I think the subD-leveled workflow might have something to do with that. Anyhow, on to the next one…

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