My name is Simon Glas. I’m a 3D Generalist working in commercials. VFX for commercials is a nice market to work in. Deadlines are very short generally, so you always have to work fast to get the best results in the allotted time, but on the other hand you’ll get to work on many different projects. One week you’re collapsing a bridge while the next you’re animating a character or are knee deep in a complicated dynamics simulation. Although I love the ‘short-order’ nature of commercials, I might try my hand at film someday, where you have more time to polish your project.

3D computer graphics is not only my profession but also my passion. Most days when I get home from work I sit down behind the computer to do some personal work. That can range from learning new software to continuing on one of my many personal projects. You can see my personal work on my blog though I post very irregular and mostly have more projects laying around (in various stages of finishedness) than are visible on the blog.

Games is another passion of mine. I like to play games to wind down after a busy day, but I also love to just look around in the different game environments and marvel at the beautiful detailed sceneries those game boys and girls have made. It has always been a dream of mine to work in the games industry, who knows, maybe one day…