Simon Glas, 3D Artist

Alegorithmic Titan contest

In 2014 Alegorithmic decided to hold a contest to promote their products Substance Designer and the at the time brand new Substance Painter. The idea was to build and texture a game resolution Titan and submit it for evaluation. The limits to the model were 100.000 tris for the titan and 10.000 tris for the pedestal. The texture sheet was 8192*4096 for the titan and 1024*1024 for the pedestal. As I up till then never had entered a contest, I decided to participate. I had a great time making this piece although it was dificult to reach the deadline while having a full time job. In the end I took a week of holiday to finish it and even then it was a week with very little sleep. I didn’t manage to win anything but I’m happy that I actually finished it.
Below are some more pictures of the piece.

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