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Moth rig test

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I finally have time to make another blog post. The first five months of this year were filled with working on the ‘Thors Hammer’ project, a themepark ride for the tusenfryd park in Norway. Although I really loved working on the project, it was almost a constant crunch time which left no free time or weekends to do my own stuff, no problem really, just the reason why I haven’t posted in five months.

This is a little animation I’ve made to test the rig I’ve made for this moth. I’m working on a short animation where this moth will play a prominent role, but there will be more flying insects in there. The goal was to make a flexible rig which can be re-used for different flying insects.
The render of this moth has nothing to do with the final animation of course as there are no textures, shaders of fur used.

I normally animate in XSI, but it was a real pleasure to animate in Modo. It is amazing how far the animation toolset and workflow has come in just a few releases. Every time I thought ‘wouldn’t it be handy to have …’ it was already there, like the motion path option to be on permanently, even in the model view, brilliant!!

Modelled, rigged, animated and rendered in Modo.

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