Simon Glas, 3D Artist

Game Table


A little while ago I was having lunch in one of the many lunch bars in Raval. While sitting there I noticed a little side-table standing next to me. I really liked how after clearly being altered from its original design by the owner, it still remained a very elegant side-table. A great subject to make a quick game res model of. I snapped some reference images with my phone and here is the result.
The tiles were sculpted in Zbrush, highres and lowres were modeled in Modo, textures and bakes were made in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. I especially liked that you can make a material on the fly in Substance Painter and paint adjustments over it with another material thus creating complex textures without relying on foto’s. The last image below shows the reference images I took. The model is 976 tris with 3 1K texture maps (Normal, color, Occlusion-roughness-metalic).



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