Simon Glas, 3D Artist
Game Table
A little while ago I was having lunch in one of the many lunch bars in Raval. While sitting there I noticed a little side-table standing next to me. I really liked how after clearly being altered from its original design by the owner, it still remained a very elegant side-table. A great subject to make a quick game res model of. I snapped some reference images with my phone and here is the result. The tiles were sculpted in Zbrush, highres and lowres were modeled in Modo, textures and bakes were made in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. I especially liked that you can make a material on the fly in Substance Painter and paint adjustments over it with another material thus creating complex textures without relying on foto’s. The last image below shows the reference images I took. The model is 976 tris with 3 1K texture maps (Normal, color, Occlusion-roughness-metalic).
Tommy Bowler
This is Tommy Bowler, a very angry mobster. He is not too smart, but has quite a temper and is very strong, strong enough to shoot with two tommy guns at the same time. I designed this character as a miniboss for a fictional mobile game. For fun I created two animation loops, one walk cycle and one shooting cycle. The character is 8714 tris and the guns are 2208 tris each. Below you can see the two animations and the high res sculpt. The animations a animated gifs so you might want to give them some time to load. This character was sculpted in Zbrush, retopo-ed, rigged and animated in Modo, textures were made in Zbrush, Substance Designer and Substance Painter.
A sculpt of a farmer bust I made in Zbrush.
Beach Cruiser Bike
This is a model I had still laying around. I modelled this a couple of years ago and thought it might be a good idea to try and sell it online. It took some time to properly UV it but now every part of the bike has individual UV’s. This beauty render is to show that without additional work you can use the bike in your renders.
Creme jars for sale
These are beauty renders of some creme jar models and boxes I sell online. My experience with online bought models is that most of the time they still need a lot of work before you can use them in production. The models I sell are production ready, with proper layed-out UV’s. These renders are to show that you can make beauty shots with these models straight out of the box.
Alegorithmic Titan contest
In 2014 Alegorithmic decided to hold a contest to promote their products Substance Designer and the at the time brand new Substance Painter. The idea was to build and texture a game resolution Titan and submit it for evaluation. The limits to the model were 100.000 tris for the titan and 10.000 tris for the pedestal. The texture sheet was 8192*4096 for the titan and 1024*1024 for the pedestal. As I up till then never had entered a contest, I decided to participate. I had a great time making this piece although it was dificult to reach the deadline while having a full time job. In the end I took a week of holiday to finish it and even then it was a week with very little sleep. I didn’t manage to win anything but I’m happy that I actually finished it. Below are some more pictures of the piece.
A day at the beach
I sculpted these characters a couple of years ago, finally found the time to texture and render this scene. Sculpted in Zbrush, Textured in Mari, Rendered in Vray for Modo and comped in Photoshop.
Soviet Captain (naval)
Sculpt made in zbrush
Guy with hat
A guy with a hat. Model sketch made in Zbrush.
Little Nerd
A Sculpt I’ve made of a little nerd, done to improve my sculpting skills. Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Modo.
Security Guy
A little sketch I made in-between jobs at work. Took about a day and half in total. I tried to add in visual lines in the design so it reads better, a tip I picked up from the pixologic Sigraph 2013 video’s of Disney.
Tommy Gun
This is a tommy gun I modeled in Zbrush. I’m trying to improve my hard surface skills with Zbrush and since I needed a tommy gun for a character of mine I thought it was a good practice to do it totally in Zbrush. Not all the details of a real tommy gun are there because I’m gonna make a game res model of this.
Old Head Sketch
A head sketch of a stylized old man. The idea is to make this in a full illustration, but I’m first gonna finish my animation because I allready have too many personal projects going on. I’ll return to this once the animation is done. Workflow is below.
Oil Lamps
Two of about ten oil lamps I have to design and make for background props of an illustration I’m working on. Made in Zbrush, quite fun to do some hard surface modeling.